What are Advantages of Afforestation

We are in a world where on one side we can see development on a large scale and on the other side there is deforestation on a large scale just in the name of development. Over a decade we have been receiving certain messages from environment experts alarming about the effects of Global Warming. It has a lot of consequences in the modern world, with increasing in earth temperature the glaciers are melting in rapid stage and the sea levels are rising. To conquer all the consequences we have to just follow some good and genuine steps, one of the most important is Afforestation. In this article, we will discuss some of the best afforestation advantages and let you know how these can save our world from devastation.

  • Afforestation Stabilizes the climate:

One of the most important advantage nature gets from afforestation is the stabilization of climate. Planting trees is a proven way of transforming the climate and weather. As we have studied in our childhood and its a very basic science where we know that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen. So, it works as a natural air purifier for the climate.

  • Afforestation has the potential of reversing global warming and climate change:

Since we have discussed earlier Global Warming is the major concern our earth and living beings are facing. One of the crucial afforestation advantages describes us that trees help to reverse the greenhouse effect. This process is commonly known as photosynthesis as the trees act as carbon sinks. In other simple words, we can say that establishing new and vast forests will help reducing carbon dioxide in the environment and hence it will reduce the effect of global warming as well.

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  • Preservation of wildlife:

As wildlife is one of the most essential for the life cycle or life chain what we have studied in our schools. Every living being on this planet is connected with each other. Afforestation and planting of forests will give a chance for the wildlife creatures to grow their population as well. If we are able to maintain a perfect life cycle of nature by growing forests, protecting them from certain devastation then surely as humans we have done enough for nature.

The above mentioned were some of the important afforestation advantages every human and any other organization must follow. Afforestation leads us to a better life and natural life cycle. If you have any doubts regarding this topic then make sure you comment down below:

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