Mining Effects on the Environment

Mining is the process of extracting different kinds of minerals from the ground to use the material for different things. Materials that will be mined include iron ore, gold, diamond, stone, asbestos, lead, coal among many others. Many people depend on these mined materials for their daily upkeep and they will help in boosting and growing economies.

On the other side, very many problems emanate from this process of mining. To the environment, people will experience great harm in different areas that will affect them as well. The following is a look at these harsh effects of mining on the environment as well as how people are affected.

Forests and other wetlands may be destroyed thorough it. This is usually unavoidable when mining has to take place in such areas. For this reason, many who have been cleared as authorities see more priority in achieving mining goals that benefit in the short term.

As many are aware today, it is through deforestation and other kinds of environmental destruction that have led to supposedly global warming and effects thereof. However, some countries have taken to afforestation in a bid to restore sanity in this regard.

There are some kinds of mining processes that will see the release of harmful substances to the environment. Lead is one of those metals that can cause great harm due to its poisonous nature. Where people have suffered lead poisoning, the possibility of children being born retarded and adults suffering from a host of medical conditions that can drain and kill many. To remedy this, mining of this nature has to be stopped or made safe so as to uphold health not just of humans but of animals as well.

Asbestos mining may also cause a lot of harm to the environment and to the people involved. Mesothelioma, which is cancer, will develop in people who get the substance in their systems from the environment and this should be known by all. This disease develops slowly with the main reason being having inhaled asbestos fibers years before as many cases have been reported where much mining occurs.

There are so many other effects of mining to the environment and can cause a lot of devastation as well as cost lives. The best way to help reduce the damage done is to make sure that people are aware of the dangers. This can help greatly in lobbying for help to provide solution

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